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Moments in the Studio
It's been a wild summah ( as we Mainers like to say ) in the studio.
Besides a lovely whirlwind of busy wholesale orders and summer markets, we were able to see family, get to the beach ( once, sigh), went camping (once), and made several trips "uptah camp" where my Grandmother stays from Memorial Day to Mid-October ( her and my Grandfathers anniversary).
Amidst the chaos and hustle of summer, it's hard to remember to update these avenues of the business, but I love to share with you the little bits of my day to day. 
I spend a lot of time here in the studio. These four walls have held me close for the last year and a half. I often bring little Eddie, who keeps me company and takes frequent naps in the sun. Many times , there is a podcast in the background or Bossa Nova on the speakers. In any case ,these four walls allow me to create magic and beauty. 
Thanks for stopping by,
xx Goldie


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