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Hi Guys !

 I wanted to take the time to properly re-introduce myself.

So hiyah! My name is Sarah; I’m the founder + maker of Goldie Jewelry - a one woman show. I started this little business of mine 12 years ago while I was living in San Francisco. I had just gotten back from a trip from Spain; where I was so inspired by the jewelry , architecture , art and natural elements every where I looked. What a beautiful lifestyle, I thought!


I came home inspired and aching to get my hands into something tactile. My twenties were spent getting a degree in Psychology and later ; a multiple subject teaching credential at St. Mary's College in The Bay Area, Go Gaels!


I spent a few years teaching at Elementary Schools in Marin County and Oakland, but soon learned I am much better one on one with humans, and quite preferably enjoy solitude and working for myself.


I traveled a bit as well in my twenties and lived throughout the country ( Santa Barbara, Fort Lauderdale, Outer Banks , San Francisco and now Maine are just some of the places I was able to call home ). I was also able to study abroad for an Art History Program, and go to call Athens, Greece & Istanbul, Turkey home for 3 months. There is nothing more inspiring and humbling than traveling and being forced out of your daily habits + comfort zones. What an immense opportunity for growth. This is your sign to travel, travel, travel!


I continue to grow and evolve in my craft, hitting highs and lows in the creative process as we all do. I’ve learned to honor both the crashing waves of inspiration and the long droughts that seem to follow, seemingly a lesson in life just the same.


When I’m not making jewelry…I am passionate about nutrition + cooking , Yoga + Pilates , reading , snuggling with my 12 year old dog Eddie , thrifting for treasures and traveling. I’m not going to lie; 2023 has been difficult and defeating , brutal but beloved at the same time ….but onward I roll , ya know?!


I hope this was a little peek into my realm, and I so look forward to sharing more. Thank You for being here and sharing in this creative journey + life 






xx Goldie 


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